November 5, 2008

Meet My Husband

Amy at LivingLocurto is having "Meet My Husband Day". So, I thought I would post something about my hubby.
This is my very own Prince Charming. We met in December, 2000 through Yahoo Personals. If you knew my hubby you would say that he would NEVER, EVER place a personal ad. He told me that he decided to place the ad but before he pressed that final key on his computer to send it in he said a prayer that if there was someone out there for him that we would find each other. Only two women answered his ad. One was me and one was another lady he said didn't seem to have much personality. After chatting through IMs we found out that we lived less than 100 miles apart. Now we live in his grandparent's old farmhouse. If you take a right when you leave our house and drive something like 76 miles, turn left and go for about 8 miles, you end up right where I was living when we met. Like the distance between us back then, there have been very few twists and turns in our relationship. He is truly my soulmate. He understands me when no one else does. He's put up with my ADD and never complained. (But he sure is glad that I got help! ;) ) We've been married for 5 and a half years. Together we have six children....and one daughter in law! He is such an amazing father. He went from having one child to having 4 children when we married. My kids were 18, 16 and 5 when we married. His son was 10. Then within just a couple of years we adopted our first little girl from China, then a year and a half later we were back in China adopting again. Not many men would open their heart to that many children in such a short amount of time. He is "Daddy" to all of them. Some of them have other fathers......but he is daddy to all of them. Recently he was the Best Man at my oldest son's wedding. My son's father was there but it was my husband who was chosen to be his Best Man.

He is smart. Scary smart. It seems like no matter what anyone talks to him about, he knows something about it. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of South Carolina with a deree in Mechanical Engineering. (He's the person everyone calls when they can't figure out their kid's trigonometry homework!) Now he works for a large wireless company but he'd much rather be working on the farm or making something in his workshop with his hands.

He is an only child and his parents live right down the road from us.

He's been known to rewrite the lyrics of Jimmy Buffet songs and sing them to me to create the perfect song just for me.

He teaches Sunday school, sings in the choir and does an assortment of great things for our church anytime he is asked to help.

He has a great voice. He often hears that he should do commercials. Our oldest daughter works for the same wireless company. She has to call a specific phone number to verify if a customer's phone is working. My hubby did the recording for this line. She proudly tells her customers "That's my dad" when they comment on the nice voice they hear.

His favorite cookies are his mom's homemade gingersnaps.....and he puts cheese on them while they are still hot. (yuck.)

He wakes up all of the kids every morning before school. He carries both of our little girls to the living room and snuggles them down in soft blankets in their favorite chairs and he makes their breakfast and our coffee.

He is a member of The Men's Fraternity. He works diligently at serving God and being a good husband, son and father.

He loves me. I'm a lucky girl. :)

I can not begin to tell you how much I love this man.


The Arthur Clan said...

I just popped over here from Amy's house and really enjoyed reading about your hubby. You wrote a really lovely post about him.

Angie in OH

Amy from Texas said...

Awwww. You guys are too cute!! he sound awesome. Lucky girl! So glad you participated in Meet Your Husband Day! It's so fun to meet everyone's other half.

Ms. W said...

Sharon, your post about your husband is awesome! I can relate on so many levels! Thanks for sharing!

Dot O said...

I just hopped on over here from Amy's website. I think that we have all cornered the market on husbands! Your hubby sounds like such a wonderful man/father/partner.

Katie @ said...

gingersnaps with cheese?! Yuck. But so cool that those gingersnaps are ones baked by his mom. You two have been so blessed. It's great to read about the pride your children have for your husband. That says a lot by itself. Thanks so much for sharing. You're a lucky lady! Katie

Carrie said...

Fee-yoof! Before your explanation, I thought, "Holey crow! They were bizzz-ay beavers for 5 1/2 years to have six kids! *snort* Although I must say, he is quite handsome! ROOOOWR... Down girl, down!

What a sweet man and you are so lucky to have found your soulmate! It's a perfect love story!

KVC said...

This is a very nice post! I enjoyed seeing the pictures to put faces with your story. KV

Martha (aka Yvette) said...

Hi Sharon, I read your reply on my Hubby. I love your story how you met.

Bella Casa said...

What a sweet story!!!

It's so wonderful that your blended family has worked out so well for everyone, I love to hear stories like that.

I wish you many more years of bliss with your prince charming :)


Christie said...

What a wonderful story the two of you have! Thanks for sharing it!